Seemingly overnight, a number of creations have SPRUNG up among the blooming trees and shrubs in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens.

SPRUNG, a site-specific outdoor sculpture exhibit by UW Art Department students, will embellish the garden landscape from May 4 through May 18. Each artist considers the natural landscape of the Arboretum to create a singular sculpture that investigates how the artwork, the environment, and the viewer all interact.

The public is welcome to get close, gently interact, and respectfully touch. Please do not move, roughly handle, or sit, stand, or climb on any of the artwork.

Visitors are welcome to come meet and talk with the artists in the garden on Friday May 12, from 3 to 5 p.m. (The meet-and-greet will be cancelled for rain.)

Participating artists: Hannah Best, Chase Boston, Anthony Deibner-Hanson, Eric Ford, Kaylyn Gerenz, John Hallett, Evan Hawkins, Mariah Tate Klemens, Mike Lind, Jeremy Nuttall, Jeff Repko, and Bre’annah Stampley.

The exhibition is facilitated by Wisculpture, the sculpture program at UW–Madison, with support from Eyelet Crew Sleeve Ruffle J Dress adtqnqW, the Evjue Foundation, and the Arts Institute.