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by Yummie Chevron Crew Socks of Heather Thomson Pack 2 gPFPwZSqc



  • obsessed with something/someone.
    She was sprung off those shoes as soon as she saw them.

    Last edited on Feb 21 2018. Submitted by Johnny ". from Columbia, SC, USA on Jun 08 2002.

  • to have an erection.
    After the striptease, I was totally sprungSilk Ruffled Dress Alpheus Joie Shoulder Cold fRqIRznw.

    Last edited on Feb 21 2018. Submitted by MEGAN on May 13 2003.

  • extremely smitten.

    Last edited on Aug 09 2003. Submitted by Peter R.James Tee Crewneck Perse Sheer Slub rw6Sr4pqn from Los Angeles, CA, USA on Aug 09 2003.

  • in love with everything about a person, often occurs in early dating.
    Holy cow, Peter has only been dating Linzy a month and he is so sprung on her!

    Last edited on Aug 09 2003. Submitted by Peter R. from Los Angeles, CA, USA on Aug 09 2003.

  • someone who has become unmoored.
    The origin of the name "La Honda" has its twist, like just about every thing else in the sprung history of this town. -- Socks Heather of Thomson 2 Crew Chevron Yummie by Pack A Separate Place p 32 Charles Jones.(1974)
    This definition is questionable and is pending deletion. It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found.

    Last edited on Feb 21 2018. Submitted by tedrodgers on Dec 06 2017.


  • getting the hots for, put in daze, mesmerized by someone of the opposite gender.
    Amber was sprung by a hot guy in her math class.

    Last edited on Feb 21 2018. Submitted by Jacki from NC, USA on May 19 2002.

  • infatuated, enamored.

    Last edited on Feb 21 2018. Submitted by Shiva from Washington, DC, USA on Dec 19 2004.

  • "smitten"

    Last edited on Feb 21 2018. Submitted by Kelsey M. from Portland, OR, USA on Aug 29 2006.


  • "sprung" is also the past tense of the verb "spring".
    The spring sprung back into place.

    Last edited on Apr 10 2013. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Mar 30 2010.

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